2012 Toyota’s Darling Landcruiser Even Better!


Toyota has once again updated its darling to provide even better experience on the road. Little tweaks in style, features and a new petrol V8 engine is what the 2012 Toyota Landcruiser is all about. The new LandCruiser has a 4.6 litre V8 engine. Even though smaller in size, the improvements in this sedan make it all the more sought after than ever before. However, the car’s fundamentals have been kept the same as they are responsible for its popularity.

2012 toyota land cruiser 2012 Toyota’s Darling Landcruiser Even Better!

The grille design has been updated and the front bumper has been made a bit boxier. The LED-equipped headlights are new as well. In the GX model, a 195kW/650Nm 4.5 litre diesel V8 engine has been introduced. The sedan picks up a Turn Assist function for its CRAWL off-road cruise control system. The GX’s ABS has also been altered to improve engine output, acceleration and wheel speed. This is why it has become a better performer on sand and gravel roads. Other features that are standard in the 2012 Toyota Landcruiser GX are multi-terrain anti-skid brakes, six airbags, hill-start assist and active traction control. The car has vinyl floors and 17-inch steel wheels in addition to under-body protection plates. It also has a snorkel, 93 litre main and 45 litre auxiliary fuel tanks.

2012 Toyotas Darling Landcruiser front 2012 Toyota’s Darling Landcruiser Even Better!

The 2012 Toyota Landcruiser has manual air-conditioning. Other features include power windows in addition to driver’s auto up/down and power-operated exterior mirrors that makes the driving experience very comfy.

Other than the GX, other LandCruiser 200 models come with 4.5 litre diesel, or 4.6 litre V8 petrol engines. A new single-pump air injection system has been introduced to help reduce cold start emissions. It speeds the warming of the catalysts by inducting air by means of the exhaust ports.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 Rear View 2012 Toyota’s Darling Landcruiser Even Better!

The 2012 Toyota Landcruiser GXL has satellite navigation in addition to a new 6.1-inch touch screen system including a CD player and USB connectivity. Also, it has an alarm. GXL has a black grille with revised halogen headlights. Side indicators of this sedan are integrated into the exterior mirrors. The rear end has dual-LED lights. A roof spoiler has also been introduced in this model.

Toyotas Landcruise Interior 2012 Toyota’s Darling Landcruiser Even Better!

You can also opt for the VX and Sahara. The prominent features of these cars include a Multi-Terrain Select (MTS) system and wheel spin. Both these models have new grille style and fog lights. Also, a couple of parking sensors are added in the front and rear.

The launch price for the 2012 Toyota Landcruiser sedan is $77,990. The Petrol GXL will cost you $83,990, and diesel $88,990.

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