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New Mazda Miata 2016 not for Millennials

New Mazda Miata 2016 - If Mazda is hoping its new MX-5 Miata roadster will drive a revival of fortune with Millennials, good luck with that. Millennials and younger Generation Z car buyers are wimps. The joys of an open-top roadster just might terrify them.

Dangerous drivers, says research from Penn Schoen Berland, are the scariest thing in the world for Millennials and Gen Z. Literally.

According to the research, 88 per cent of Ms and Zs say “other motorists driving dangerously” are more frightening that public speaking (75 per cent), death (74 per cent), spiders (69 per cent) or the perpetually terrifying snakes (69 per cent).

New Mazda Miata 2016

“Younger generations are growing up with different fears than their parents or grandparents,” said Kevin Shkolnik, vice president, Penn Schoen Berland.

My father would be appalled. He was a child of The Great Depression and a veteran of convoy duty during the Second World War. His great fears as a young man were starving, a lack of electricity and running water and Nazi U-boats. Dangerous driving was not on the radar.

Me? I am a child of the Cold War. I grew up worrying about a possible nuclear holocaust. Complete annihilation of the planet and all life on it. Dangerous driving was something me and my friends did for entertainment.

New Mazda Miata 2016

Yes, yes, it’s true. You are no doubt shocked. But we worked on our cars, made them go faster than the tires and brakes reasonably could handle and rolled the dice on Saturday nights. I am a child of California. I lived American Graffiti. I would like to tell you I was the Harrison Ford character, but I was more Ron Howard. Either would surely scare the pants off an M or a Z.

The MX-5 would be a car my late father would have loved. He dreamed of Triumphs and MGs, but owned Ramblers and Fords. It’s just the way it was for a suburban dad in a middle level management job. As for fear of driving or other drivers, he’s the one who helped me rebuild my old cars in his garage. His work car - a Ford Falcon - had a steel dashboard. ‘Nuff said.

For me, the MX-5 has long been a car I have loved and admired for its purity and simplicity. The latest reinvented one is lighter and less powerful, more fuel efficient and quite stunning in its design. It’s a Mazda brand icon and deserves to be. It is a driver’s car.

Alas, it’s the sort of car that surely would terrify a Millennial or a Gen Z. A small car with no roof? Are you kidding? These two demographic groups are apparently spooked by their own shadows.

New Mazda Miata 2016

Mazda’s new tagline is “Driving Matters,” and it’s being pushed hard with the launch of the new MX-5. Driving might matter with Millennials and Gen Z, but research says it’s more likely to scare them.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

2016 Nissan Maxima Review, Brings More Technology and Horsepower

2016 Nissan Maxima Review

2016 Nissan Maxima Review - The 2016 Nissan Maxima is currently the top-ranked affordable large car, as test drivers are impressed with its luxurious interior, powerful V6 engine and engaging handling.

The 2016 Maxima’s 3.5-liter V6 engine makes 300 horsepower, 10 more than the V6 in the outgoing 2014 model. Reviewers report the redesigned Maxima has swift acceleration and ample power for passing on the highway. They’re also pleased with the Maxima’s responsive steering and agility around turns, especially in the newly available SR model, which has a sport-tuned suspension. All 2016 Maxima models earn an EPA-estimated 22/30 mpg city/highway, which is an improvement over the 2014 model’s 19/26 mpg rating.

2016 Nissan Maxima Review

Inside, critics say the new Maxima retains the outgoing model’s premium materials, comfortable and supportive front seats and easy to use navigation, audio and climate controls. In back, some reviewers note that the 2016 Maxima has less space than other large cars, but they agree that there’s adequate room for adults. The 2016 Nissan Maxima is available with several new driver assistance technologies for 2016, including a 360 degree view parking camera system, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alert and forward collision warning with automatic braking.

While the 2016 Maxima is a great choice for your next full-size sedan, be sure to check out some competitors before making a decision. Test drivers are impressed with the 2015 Toyota Avalon’s powerful standard V6 engine, upscale cabin and spacious rear seats, and the Avalon has more cargo space than the Maxima. If fuel economy is a priority, consider the 2015 Buick LaCrosse eAssist, which returns an EPA-estimated 25/36 mpg city/highway with its standard four-cylinder engine and electric motor. Reviewers appreciate the LaCrosse’s exceptionally comfortable and quiet ride and high-quality cabin materials.

2016 Nissan Maxima Review

New Car Reviews, If you’re considering buying used, the 2013 Nissan Maxima is a solid option, as test drivers praised its sure-footed handling, up market cabin and easy-to-use tech features when it was new. There are also plenty of other used sedans worth considering, so be sure to take a look at our rankings of used large cars $20K and up and used upscale midsize cars $20K to $25K before you head to the dealer. 

2016 Nissan Maxima Review

Ford EcoSport Without Rear Wheel Start Sale in Europe - Ford Motor in Europe when it began taking orders Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) small Ford EcoSport without rear wheel of the car. In addition to this car without a spare tire also got a number of additional features and revision, the revision of the mechanics.

In a press release, the change in the exterior the most striking is the loss of the rear wheel. While in the interior layer of Chrome accent plus skin sheets at the button and instrument cluster for a type of Titanium.

While the package in the form of a heating feature Chair, anti fog on glass and mirrors are offered as an optional feature. While communication and entertainment device that operates with SYNC voice recognize now fitted color screen measures 4 inches.

In addition, Ford engineers also equip it with sound-proof device in some parts, among other things, doors, as well as the dashboard gaps around the accelerator.

Concept Ford EcoSport without a bun that was previously on display at the Geneva Motor Show last March, 2015.

Various types of New Car Models EcoSport machine:

1.5-litre TDCi engine power 95 PS 5 PS, up from the previous model
4.4 FUEL consumption l/100 km a
Carbon dioxide emissions 115 g/km

Engine 1.0-litre EcoBoost-powered 125 PS
FUEL consumption 5.4 l/100 km
Carbon dioxide emissions of 125 g/km

Engine is a 1.5-liter Ti-VCT
FUEL consumption of 3.9 l/100 km
Carbon dioxide emissions 153 g/km.

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FACT! Once Full Tank, Hydrogen Toyota Cars Could Mileage 502 Km

 Hydrogen Toyota Cars - Toyota Motor has announced data ability of hydrogen-fueled cars cruising the results of his creation, Toyota Mirai. The car whose name means ' Future ' this could drove 502,1 kilometers (km) in all the contents of the fuel tank until full.

The fact it’s the result of a test conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) of the United States. This figure is actually not much different with claims submitted by Toyota.

President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corp when introducing this car in the past year says, “the car could be sped up to more than 300 miles or 483 km. hydrogen tank Filling continued very quickly after roughly 3 minutes”.

Hydrogen Toyota Cars

Meanwhile, Toyota Motor Sales America mentions this car went on sale in the United States in the fall. Toyota would provide a number of special facilities for buyers or renters the cars.

Facilities on this newest car models is, for three years will get free fuel equivalent worth US $ 15,000. Buyers will also get a free three-year safety features Connect and the application Entune communication features.

Hydrogen Toyota Cars

They will also get the support services or other assistance for 24 hours in the week-long. Other facilities, free maintenance for three years will also be given in addition to emergency aid on the way. 

Hydrogen Toyota Cars

Don't Read 11 "Assistant" Smart New Ford Ranger Wildtrak ! - As a modern, sophisticated and pickup Ford Ranger Wildtrak is supplied with a number of features that help driver’s conquered terrain heavy. Wheel drive systems not only are able to adjust the traction electronically, a number of other "Assistant" is ready to support.

There are at least eight supporting features that are increasingly offering more value as the highest variant Wildtrak Ford Ranger. Here's the list:

1. Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Aid working together helps prevent the driver get out of the line accidentally when driving at high speeds. If the camera detects vehicles ahead of deviating from the path, Lane Keeping Alert to give a warning to the driver through the vibrations transmitted to the steering wheel. If no action is taken to correct the irregularities, Lane Keeping Aid applying torque steering wheel to guide the vehicle back onto the track.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control utilizing radar sensors to keep the speed as well as distance from the vehicle in front that has been set before. When the system detects a vehicle ahead, the system automatically reduces the speed to maintain a safe distance. New Ranger Wildtrak back accelerates to the speed rate of the drive that has been set earlier when the street in front was already empty. The driver stayed sitting sweet though should still beware with control.

3. Forward Alert works with the Adaptive Cruise Control gives the driver visual and audio warning when the vehicle in front of it reducing its velocity. The system is also charging the brakes to ensure optimum braking performance

4. Front and Rear Park Assist uses a sensor to detect obstacles and provide audiowarning when the vehicle approached the barrier object at low speeds, such as when parking.

5. Electronic Stability Program with rollover mitigation and trailer sway control helps to keep the vehicle remains under control even in disadvantageous conditions.

6. Driver Impairment Monitor uses front and on-board sensors to detect if the driver is drowsy. If the system detects a sign like drifting off course and the input of a sudden steering correction, this system warns the driver with a signal that is gradually getting firmer.

7. Emergency Assistance using the Bluetooth connection and connected phone to call local emergency services in the event of a serious collision. The system is communicating the details of the accident and your vehicle's location, and then opened a phone line to give you the opportunity to talk directly with the people who provide a response.

8. Hill Launch Assist, helping the rider remains convinced startup drove on the streets, either forward or tilted backwards.

9. Hill Descent Control System traction control to help down a sharp slope at a constant speed.

10. Adaptive Load Control system adjusts Electronic Stability Control based on the payload of the vehicle.

11. Emergency Brake Assistance, providing additional pressure to the braking system to increase power brakes when braking suddenly in emergency situations.

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Ford Car Models of The Candidate Future Legends

Ford Car Models
Ford Car Models - Further with Ford 2015 which occasions held June 23-25, became the arena of Ford to show off a lot of things, particularly the latest research center is in Palo Alto, California, United States.

In one of the garages, Ford compiled the exhibition with the theme of the diet. This is not a diet for human-body fat, but the diet for the car.

Matt Zaluzec, Ford Technical Leader, Global Materials and Manufacturing Research says, him already 25 years at Ford with one's responsibility to make Ford vehicles more lighter. Well, in Further with a Ford 2015, Zaluzec showcased Ford GT Carbon Fiber.

That’s no joke, the Supercar was first introduced in January 2015 has a body made from carbon fiber. One of the advantages usage of material is the carbon-fiber body cars that become very light. Zaluzec says “Compared to steel, the use of carbon fiber can trim the weight of up to 60 percent”.

Ford GT Carbon Fiber using twin engine V6 EcoBoost 3.5 liter, with a power of 600 tk. This machine was fitted with taut machine transmission clutch seven acceleration.

Zaluzec says Ford GT Carbon Fiber is expected to be available in the market beginning to 2017, meaning that production will begin in mid or the end of 2016. Each year, it’s estimated just will make 200 units up to 400 units. It cost me? About that, Zaluzec pleads not yet commented.

But as a manufacturing, Zaluzec seemed very proud of the carbon-fiber body is used. This is the first time Ford made a car with body entirely from carbon fiber.

Ford Car Models


New Cars Models - The lessons gained from GT Carbon Fiber that will be applied also to other Ford vehicles. For example, in the garage of the same Ford showed off a diet of carbon fiber -- and other material -- that is applied on the product Fusion. Some auto parts and also the specific part of the body the car were already using carbon fiber.

The use of carbon fiber on regular cars like Fusion, according to Zaluzec is usually done to lose weight for the sake of pursuing efficiency in fuel consumption or other things. While in the Supercar, everything is a matter of performance.

Ford GT Carbon Fiber also showed some interesting design. For example, there is the water intake on the side a bit back that flow of air is getting into the cavity in body to cool the engine. This Zaluzec says, can only be done with carbon fiber.

Ford Car Models
Ford Car Body Models
Fast, lightweight and aerodynamic, Supercar is always indeed designed as the best specimen from the manufacturer. Similarly, the GT Carbon Fiber. However, that does not mean there would be no lessons from a Supercar that would come down to a regular car. We just wait, anything which gushed out of the GT Carbon Fiber to other Ford vehicle line.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Last SUV Bentley Bentayga Testing In Winter

SUV Bentley Bentayga Testing In Winter
SUV Bentley Bentayga Schedule the launch of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Bentley, Bentayga are getting closer. Before mass produced car, the manufacturer of the United Kingdom was now entering the final stages of testing in extreme cold weather conditions. 

In its official description, car manufacturers usually in winter testing done at the North Pole, but Bentley chose Sweden as a place of testing prototype Bentayga before entering mass production lines. 

In testing it was still blanketed by Bentayga camouflage so it could not be clearly visible detail changes made by Bentley. But, Bentley claimed that this is not merely a Bentayga SUV ultra-luxury, but rather capable off-road ability offers a very wide. 

Previously, Bentayga tested in one of the legendary circuits of the world, the Nurburgring, Germany. The purpose of the Nurburgring circuit tested in Bentayga is to prove reliability and agility that Bentley SUV before officially launched to the public. 

There has been no official information about the heart of the mechanism, but Fangio F1 prototype equipped machine version 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 that is able to generate power 608 PS and torque of 900 Nm. 

SUV Bentley Bentayga Testing In Winter
SUV Bentley Bentayga
More than that, Bentayga also will be offered with a gasoline engine 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo, turbo diesel V8 and also a plug-in hybrid. 

Bentayga itself will use the platform of the second generation of the Audi Q7 which weighed approximately 2,000 kg. Chances are Bentley will stage a world premiere for January 2016 in Bentayga NAIAS which will be held in Detroit or two months later at the Geneva Motor Show.

Not only that, Bentley Bentayga also predicted will be equipped with a digital instrument cluster, wood trim and metallic accents. 

This model will also have premium leather seats. Touch sensitive controls are also present and some other fancy features option. 

This Is The First Sports Car Results 'Prints' 3D Printer - A car with a light weight and can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers speed per hour within two seconds it is different with that circulate on the highway. The reason is, the first car produced by using the printing press (printer) three-dimensional (3D).

Reported by Daily mail, from Tuesday 30 June 2015, the company's original San Francisco, United States, Divergent Micro factories, said car production was named Blade. This car uses materials carbon materials and vehicle with aluminum.

For propulsion, the Blade using a combination of compressed natural gas (CNG) with a gasoline engine, so this car is capable of producing up to 700 horsepower.

"The community has made great strides in adopting awareness car clean and green," said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Divergent Micro factories, Kevin Czinger.

good sport cars

Production using a 3D printer company claimed as one step in reducing industrial pollution. In addition, the costs incurred are valued more cheaply than conventional means.

"In Divergent Micro factories, we found a way to make a car that is capable of reducing the use of resources as well as polluting industries," said Kevin.

Certainly there is no printer in the world today that can really print the order and carbody intact. Done Divergent Microfactories is printing the components of the connection order by using a 3D printer.

Are You Honda Lovers? See the Advantages Offered Honda Brio SUV - Located in the gap between low-end segment MPV and SUV, Honda low BR-V became the latest ammunition from PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) to increase sales. Interestingly, the model with the other name Brio SUV is referred to as the latest generation of crossover utility vehicle. 

Brio SUV was in the middle between the Mobilio and HR-V. BR-V maximizes the advantages of Mobilio and HR-V, to become the latest options in national automotive market. The advantages offered, among others, try space spacious cabins with a capacity of seven passengers, as well as the formidable utility vehicles in all-terrain road. 

"Honda BR-V no competitors, both of the model, the design, the features include security features. We will try to take a crack at the Low-end segment MPV and SUVLow, "explained Jonfis Fandy, Director of marketing and After-sales Service of PT HPM, Thursday (29/6/2015). 

Honda Brio SUV
Honda Brio SUV
Price became one of the special considerations in determining the HPM segment Briothis SUV. The plan, the price range BR-V will also be among the Mobilio and HR-V, i.e., in the number of Rp 200 million and Rp 250 million under. 

Honda BR-V will carry i-VTEC engine 1.5 liters. Sporty design, and already come wheel rims alloy wheels and roof rails, and a high ground clearance. The plan, HPM will launch this BR-V at the national automotive exhibition, on 20 August. 

Refer to sketches Brio design shown, this SUV is already thick aura of sporty. Alloy wheel rims are large, angled lines coalesce from the front up to the stern, as well as the already available roof rail, which showed the vehicle's utility. 

Honda Brio SUV

Honda Brio SUV
Honda Brio SUV Interior